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The resqme tool is an award-winning product heralded for its “innovative excellence” as a high-quality safety product. The resqme tool has undergone rigorous testing and certifications ensuring drivers have peace of mind on the road.



Distinguished Design

About the size of a key remote and just 2.93 inches long, the resqme tool is the smallest car escape tool that you can find. It is light weight and fits in the palm of your hand. Its 3 conical cylindric shape makes it very distinctive, and comes in a variety of trendy colors.


Easy to Use.

How to use the resqme tool

1. Pull the tool from its blade guard clip.

2. Cut jammed seat belt with the steel blade.

3. Break the Glass by pressing the black head of the tool against the corner of your side window to release the spring-loaded spike that will shatter the window.


Powerful Steel Spike

Window Breaker

Get to know your resqme – Window Breaker

Proudly made in USA, the resqme tool comes with a stainless spring-loaded steel spike to help break tempered glasses to get out from a vechicular entrapment situation.


Sharp protected blade

resqme demonstration
The resqme tool also comes with a sharp protected steel blade that can slice through jammed seat belts in an emergency situation that you cut it.

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